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What we do

  • Client Member

    National Australian Carers Register (NACR) is a web-based industry specific qualifications and identity verification system that supports Client and Recruiter members with the recruitment process by quickly and easily allowing you to review and authenticate Certificate III and Certificate IV Carer information. By becoming an NACR member you are able to manager and proactively build your own talent pool with access to dozens of skilled and work-ready Carers in your locality.

  • Carer Member

    NACR supports Carer members (Certificate III and Certificate IV) by being the first and only service of its kind in Australasia. NACR helps in assisting this vital profession by creating a web based membership portal.

    Carers in aged care, disability, home and community are the unsung heroes of this vital community service.

    NACR recognises the need to offer support, it offers career and industry information as well as new and exciting career opportunities in these sectors.

    When you join NACR as a Carer member you receive:-

    • NACR receive a unique membership number (example NACR 001) that you include on your resume / CV.  This member number shows potential employers you have met industry standards, are work ready and available! This is where they access your professional information making you more likely to be included in their recruitment shortlist ahead of other Carers who may not be members
    • New and exciting career opportunities listed for member ONLY access. Maybe you want extra shifts or a new job? NACR Client members list their new job opportunities on the NACR website making it easier for you to access new jobs, just because you are an NACR member
    • NACR Client members refer to NACR Carer member lists as part of their everyday recruitment process
    • As a professional registration your joining fee is tax deductible
    • When you join for 2 or more years you receive an awesome member discount
    • As an NACR Carer member you can access various career development options in the form of additional professional workshops, create your own professional networks, be connected to other Carers in your profession
    • Through NACR you receive Carer support and information that is an unprecedented offering to Carers
    • As an NACR Carer member you join a network of 1000’s of other Carers sharing their knowledge, opportunities and experiences
    • Record, save and store your professional data such as – job qualifications, police checks, your CV in one secure repository for future access
    • As a Carer member you  have easy 24/7 access
    • Simple user friendly web based member access
  • Trainer member

    NACR works closely with training companies and Registered Training Organisations (RTO) to support their Certificate III and Certificate IV students before they are in the job market.

    NACR helps students become work ready more quickly, helping them establish a future and positively influencing carer careers.

    By joining NACR as a Trainer member you will support your students by introducing them to a terrific web based service that shares with them new and exciting job opportunities, provides them with industry information and gives them the chance to join business networks in a new and never before offered service to Carers.

    NACR will come to you at your Training location and we will explain how it all works and what this unique service is able to offer. Same day registration is also offered. NACR is able to offer preferential rates for immediate membership.

  • Recruiter member

    As a recruiter NACR recognises the integral part you play in supporting aged care, disability and home care services.

    As a Recruiter member there are two significant services on offer by becoming an NACR member.

    Personnel data verification and an online job board!

    Recruiting and ensuring that you have engaged the right skill level, and precisely the right person who you believe you have screened and interviewed can be problematic, especially when you are time poor and juggling the high demands of Clients’ needs, admin work, KPIs the list goes on.

    Due diligence demands that you not only protect the businesses you recruit for but yourself also. NACR supports Recruiter members in their risk minimisation requirements and helps with timely and efficient recruitment services by ensuring all the relevant personnel information is gathered, kept and accessible for future reference.

    NACR ensures your candidates’ identity, qualifications and work rights are verified – get your team work ready sooner by registering to access our online service as a Recruiter member.

    List your available jobs and reach 1000’s of Cert III & Cert IV qualified Carers.

  • Australian Standards

    Creating standard practises in aged care, community and disability services to ensure best practises.

  • Carer Support

    Australia’s first Certificate III and IV Carer support service, improving Carer confidence, knowledge and employability.

  • Clinical Governance

    Meets industry compliance requirements supporting you and ensuring Carers meet accreditation parameters and industry standards.

  • Entitlement To Work

    Certificate III and IV Carer qualifications, their Australian work rights, their identity and ‘work-readiness’ will be confidentially verified – quickly and easily!

  • Improve Efficiency

    Qualification and identity verification portal that quickly establishes who a Carer is, allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities.

  • Information Management

    Captures Carer’s information and stores this data for your future reference in our online database.

  • Client/Resident Safety

    Holds Carers’ summaries so managers and recruiters can promptly establish a Carers’ identity with a photo and check their skill set and qualifications, work readiness prior to interviewing.

  • Instant Access To Carers

    Provides access to information on work-ready Carers that best suit your business. Hundreds of Carers accessing, joining and searching our website.

    This will result in a positive effect on your advertising spend and will help reduce administration time spent on filling your Certificate III and Certificate IV Carer opportunites.

  • Meeting, Marketing and Social Media

    Working closely with RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) we are able to answer all of your registration questions before you get into a Carer role.

  • Privacy

    Meets State and Federal Privacy Act requirements. Maintains and stores information in a confidential and secure manner.

  • Simple To Use

    Secure log-ins that allow you easy access to Carer data 24/7. This system supports you in accreditation and audit preparation; meeting industry standards and governance with complete confidence.